There was no better way than to end my year in the U.S. in Hawaii! Still can't believe how beautiful it is and what a great mix the green mountains and the clear turqoise water are. The first day we were in Hawaii, to be exactly Oahu, it was pretty windy and we were a little disappointed because we expected high temperatures. Luckily the weather changed after day one - thank god! If you're in Oahu I would recommend you to rent a car - although the island is little. We rented a car for 3 days, but wished we would have done it for at least 4 days, rather a whole week. One day we tried to use TheBus (the public bus in Oahu) at the North Shore and we felt like we sat more in the bus than actually to see something from the North Shore. Buses are usually late (20-30 minutes!) and the drive also takes a while. Anyway: these pictures were taken at our first stop in Oahu - Waimanalo Beach! It's a very beautiful beach and we also saw lots of Campers there. We did Couchsurfing during our whole stay in Hawaii and we loved it! I did Couchsurfing once, in Chicago, and also there I only made great experiences. Nobody knows the island more than the locals and it's always fun to have company around you!

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