I guess for everbody rings a bell when I say Waikiki. Although I don't get it why exactly Waikiki is the famoust place on Oahu. I didn't like the fact that city meets beach and that it is so crowded. I don't wanna look at skyscrapers when I'm laying on the beach, I wanna be surrounded by nature. So I didn't Waikiki was much. It wasn't disappointing for me since I didn't had high expectations so I was fine but living in Waimanalo was way more cozy than staying in Waikiki. But Waikiki has also his advantages like the good public transportation and you're close to everything. Shopping, Restaurants, activities... So it's nice to stay there but just not my way of "relaxation". Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  there's a free Hawaiian dance performance. It's nice to watch but also very crowded. On Fridays you can go watch the Firework at the beach close to the Hilton hotel which was very cool! Another recommendation is to go to MAC 24/7 and order the pancake challenge haha. :) The pancake was soooo huge! And actually for 24$ pretty cheap since we got 8 meals out of it! We took the pineapple coconut one and it was really delicious! Waikiki is also the perfect place to start surfing since the waves aren't as rough as the ones on the North Shore! You'll find plenty of surfboard-rentals at the beach and you can also get lessons there if you want!

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